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02 to 06 of September - 2018

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Frequent Questions

How to pay for my register?

The register can be paid by paypal (without installment payment). The option is available in the bottom of the register form.

Can I cancel my register and ask for refund?

Yes. Cancellation and refund requests may be made in accordance with the cancellation policy of the event. The request must be made through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cancellations requested before July 30, 2018 will be refunded, but a $80.00 fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. No refunds will be requested after this date.

Can I transfer my register?

Yes, the register can be transferred for another participant of equal category of subscription until August 15. After this date, it won’t be possible to transfer. The request should be made by the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I paid for my register but I won’t be able to be at the event. Can another person take the event material for me?

The material of the event can only be handle to another participant if a signed written authorization is presented. The certificate of participation won’t be delivered.

To send an abstract, does my registration have to be paid?

No, but the registration must be done. If the abstract is approved, to have its publication guaranteed, it is necessary that the payment be made. The registration that must be paid is that of the responsible author (who submits the work through his/her registration). If the presenter is not the responsible author, it is necessary that the presenter also has his/her registration and payment made to have access to the event and to make the presentation.

Is there a limit of work submission per person?

The responsible author can submit the maximum of 2 works per registration through the website of the event.

I submitted my abstract, however, I won’t be able to go to the event anymore. Can I transfer to another person?

It won’t be possible changes of the responsible authors. In case the responsible author won’t be able to go to the event, your registration should maintain paid and confirmed, and the presentation could be done by another co-author with the registration equally paid and confirmed.

How will I know if my work was accepted or not for presentation at the event?

All the information about the submission of abstracts it is in the participant's area in the website, being responsibility of the congressman to review, deny or need corrections for approval. It is important to follow the summary, and the report of changes, adjustment of the summary and resubmission must be made and sent.

Will it have any available transportation?

No. The transportation to the event will be participant’s expense.

I’m going by car. Will there be parking area at the event?

Yes. The parking area is free.