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02 to 06 of September - 2018

Gramado - RS

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XXVII Brazilian Congress on Entomology and X Latin American Congress on Entomology

The Entomology Society of Brazil (SEB), in partnership with the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), promotes on September 2-6, 2018, the XXVII Brazilian Congress on Entomology and X Latin American Congress on Entomology at ExpoGramado, Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul.

With the theme “Science in service of health, agriculture and environment”, the event aims to provide a unique opportunity for networking, discussion, innovation, collaboration and exchange of experiences between actors in the scientific community, the industry, the Brazilian and Latin American societies and from various other parts of the world.

With expectation of more than 2,000 attendees, among researchers, professors, professionals in agribusiness, consultants, producers as well as undergraduate and graduate students, the public consists of opinion formers, from Brazil and Latin America.

The event will follow a scientific program, consisting of lectures, symposiums, roundtable discussions, short courses and presentations, oral and poster sessions. There will also be a schedule geared to students, preparing them for a career in the field of Entomology, also a contest for students that will award the best works submitted to the event.

The cultural program will involve a photo contest and EntomoQuiz, a contest of Q&A on entomological issues between teams of graduate students. To the society in general, there will be a program (“BugStreet”) on the covered street of Gramado (city center), with the exhibition “Insect Planet”, which is an insect zoo that introduces children to the fantastic world of insects in a ludic way, allowing them to understand the importance of these organisms in our planet and daily lives. At “BugStreet”, there will also be presentation and dissemination of information on recurring problems of our cities, such as mosquito-borne diseases (dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and zika) as well as other insects whose preservation is essential for agricultural production (e.g., pollinators and natural enemies).

Plan yourself to be part of this remarkable event in 2018!

It is lovely and charming by nature. It is famous for its flowery streets, friendly and hospitable people as well as features of its European architecture, hotel chains and gastronomical events. Gramado offers the largest tourist infrastructure of Rio Grande do Sul.

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