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02 to 06 of September - 2018

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Annals of CBE 2018

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Deadline to submit abstracts extended to July 13

Procedures for preparation and submission of abstracts

The works must be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, and submitted according to the guidelines below. All works accepted by the Evaluation Committee of Scientific Works will be published in the annals of the event, in the form of “SIMPLE ABSTRACT”.

The works may be presented orally or in posters. The author must choose the way to present their work at the time of abstract submission, but the Evaluation Committee of Scientific Papers will select a limited number of papers to be presented orally. The authors will be notified in advance.

Submission of the work requires registration to the event. Payment is to be made according to deadlines established by the Organizing Committee for evaluation and publication of the work. Each registration entitles the submission of up to two works.

When sending the work, the author must choose the session of interest (subject area) in which the work will be presented.



1 - Biology, physiology and morphology

2 - Ecology and biodiversity

3 - Systematics and taxonomy

4 - Semiochemicals and behavior

5 - Pollination

6 - Biological control with entomopathogenic viruses

7 - Biological control with entomopathogenic fungi

8 - Biological control with entomopathogenic bacteria

9 - Biological control with entomopathogenic nematodes

10 - Biological control with predators

11 - Biological control with parasitoids

12 - Chemical control

13 - Plant resistance to insects

14 - Insecticidal plants

15 - Insect resistance to control tactics

16 - Integrated Pest Management

17 - Application technology

18 – Molecular entomology

19 - Medical and veterinary entomology

20 - Forensic entomology

21 - Forest entomology

22 – Quarentenary and invasive pests

23 - Genetically modified organisms

24 - Mites

25 - Education and etnoentomology



The guidelines for drawing up the abstract must be strictly observed, under penalty of rejection by the Evaluation Committee of Scientific Work of the event. The abstract can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, and be submitted following the guidelines below:

1. The abstract must be configured in a single page, A4 portrait format, top and bottom margins: 3 cm; left and right margins: 2.5 cm., using the template provided by the Organizing Committee.

2. Title: Arial font, size 14, bold, centered, and single line spacing. It should be written in lower case, with initial caps; scientific names must be typed in italic.

3. Authors: Below the title, with space of two lines. Arial font, size 12, bold, centered, single line spacing. The first and last name (s) of author (s) should be written out in full, with the first letter in uppercase; the middle name (s) (if any) must be abbreviated. In the case of more than one author, their names must be separated by semicolons, for example: José A. B. Silva; Manoel dos S. Feijó.

4. Institutional affiliation and address of the authors: Below the name (s) of author (s), with one line, Arial font, size 10, italic, centered, single spacing. The first author must provide an email address.

5. Body of the text: Below the institutional affiliation and address of the authors, space of two lines; Arial font, size 12, justified on both margins, single-spaced, single paragraph with a maximum of 2,000 characters with spaces, containing introduction, objectives, material and methods, results and conclusions, without separation or identification of the topics. The scientific names must be typed in italic and followed by order and family. References should not be used and presented.

6. Key words: Below the text, space of one line, Arial font, size 12, justified on both margins, single line spacing, typed in single line initiated by “key words” in bold. A maximum of three key words that are not included in the title of the abstract are allowed.

7. Support: Below the key words with space of one line; Arial font, size 12, justified, single line spacing, initiated by "Support" in bold.

The Evaluation Committee of Scientific Papers recommends strict grammatical correctness, formatting and presentation of abstracts, whose form and content are the sole responsibility of the author (s). The submission must be made online on the event website.


1. Poster type: The posters should be printed on paper or plastic material, according to the preference of the authors.

2. Presentation: The posters will be placed on the date and timetables established for the event schedule, according to the thematic area of work. Each author must remain next to their poster during the hours fixed by the Organizing Committee (according to the event schedule), when those interested will be able to talk and make questions. The author must remove the poster after the session.

3. Design: The size of the posters is 120 cm tall by 90 cm wide. For the design of the poster, it is highlighted the need to comply with the format specified by the Organizing Committee.

4. Template: Use the poster template provided by the Organizing Committee.

Poster template soon.

Aware of the above rules, submit or manage your abstracts in the option below.

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